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Monday, July 11, 2011:


Saturday, June 25, 2011:
hallu hallu.

its been ages since i last updated. hahaha. been quite busy with tuition and stuffs for the whole month of June. i'll update this blog when i have the time or whenever i've the mood.

and yeah, i love my life now.

i hope you're doing fine.

Saturday, May 14, 2011:

Hello Wello.

Ok, i'm finally done with mye. Fuh, it was a tough fight but i don't think i've given my fullest force. I took this mye lightly and i bet i will tear up soon after i get back my results. Tears of sadness, boooooo. After our last paper, which i didn't study anything for it, me and bestfriends went to Nex to walk around, release our stress. We walked around and came up an idea which is to watch fast5. Soon after we've reached the cinema, party-world ktv were just right beside it. Wah, temptation. Hahaha we were confused so we vote by majority and the three of us preferred karaoke rather than movie. So yeah karaoke it is. We sang our lungs out. Fazil even went crazy, he seemed to enjoy too much. At last i get to hear Nani's voice on a microphone. Hers and Faiz's voice, awesome ttm i tell you! Friday: marking day. I rot my ass out the whole damn day at home. At night, i was damn famished and so i pestered Fazil to accompany me to have my dinner at kfc. Hahaha. After our dinner, slept over at cousin's house cause she wanna lend my hand. Sound scary? Hahahaha. She wanna test her henna skills on me. Goshzxc, her art work is damn nice. Now i know who to look for when hari raya's nearing. ^^,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011:


MYE is like one day away and i'm here using the computer for the last time. I'm gonna party hard tonight cos the next how many days will be my real mugging days. Haha nah, i mean i'm gonna update this blog for the last time till mye's over and also for facebook, i'm still reconsiderating whether should i deactivate it cos it's the majorrrrrrr distraction. For what i know, i really wanna pass this mye cos its my last and, i really really wanna see whats my standard. Had been studying at school after coaching till 6pm with bestfriends. I'm studying at school but when i reach home, boooooooom. Fb's on and i'll end up sleeping instead of studying. Home is just not the place for me to study, noise pollution plus distractions. I just can't wait to study with my girlfriends again. Maybe this Saturday? && i can't wait to go to Nani's house again. I miss my cousins so much! When shall we meet? Maybe after mye, june hols? I wanna go Malacca again. I miss the kampung atmosphere, seriously. I shall get back updating after mye alright. Tata~

problems after problems. suck it all.